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Get Involved

Get involved

If you are interested in helping to improve your local environment and meeting new people, why not join one of the volunteer community groups supported by The Mersey Forest? The groups work to improve their local woodlands by protecting and celebrating wildlife, creating new features within their woods, holding community music and arts events and much more. They are based at the following sites.

To find out more contact Jo Sayers at The Mersey Forest Team on 01925 816 217 or email mail@merseyforest.org.uk.

Some of the groups have their own blogs:

Friends of Anderton and Marbury
Friends of Griffin Wood
Community involvement at Brickfields
Friends of Mill Wood and Alder Wood
Friends of Woolton Woods
Friends of Owley Woods

Additional links (these will open in a new window):

Community groups in The Mersey Forest
Find out more about community groups and the benefits of getting involved.

Northwich Woodlands
This umbrella website features some great examples of the activities of groups such as the Friends of Furey Wood and the Friends of Anderton and Marbury.