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Places to Visit

There is a whole host of places to go within The Mersey Forest, from a rainy day trip to a nearby museum to an outdoor adventure to discover the most exciting and dramatic features of the landscape. Choose from the different themes below to find out about the different attractions within each category. Happy exploring!

Historic Buildings

If heritage is your bag, you're in luck - we have bags of it! This is the place to find out about the historic houses, castles and places of worship of your area.


From the botanic to the oriental, bring out the green in yourself with a visit to the The Mersey Forest's array of gardens.

Outdoor Adventures

For a taste of the wild side, check out this widely varying group of attractions!

Art & Craft

The artisans of The Mersey Forest share their not inconsiderable skills, and create for you some delightful artefacts.


Celebrate and learn about The Mersey Forest's rich heritage and culture in so many different fields.

Bird Watching

The Mersey Forest is home to some of the most spectacular congregations of rare species in the British Isles. Find out here where they can be spotted.